The healing source of the Terebinth tree is produced from the oil of the terebinth seed. It carries all the vitamins and minerals of natural terebinth seed oil to your skin. Bıttım soap is a soap type that has been traditionally used for centuries and is known to be particularly effective against hair loss.


        Natural Terebinth soap, one of the centuries-old values, is effective in hair and skincare.

        It is used in acne treatment.

        Its manufacture is a very laborious and lengthy process.

        Trebinth Soap, which is useful in both hair and skincare, is a multi-purpose soap.

        Terebinth extracts nourish the hair follicles, bring health and vitality to your hair.

        Repairs hair fractures and prevents new fractures.

        It has a very rapid effect against the problem of hair loss.

        Relieves itching on the scalp.

        Provides you to have healthy and fast-growing hair that does not shed.

        Repaired with the dense essence of Terebinth seed, your hair shines like a jewel.

        Cleanse your hair from the harmful effects you are exposed to during the day.

        Supports new hair growth by stimulating the skin cells in the balding area.

        It has proven effects against dandruff.


        It has particularly strong effects on hair.

        It should be used for at least 3-4 weeks to show its effect on the hair. During this time, your hair will be free of chemicals, and get used to the texture of laurel soap with every wash.


        Keep in a clean and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep on a waterproof soap dish after each use.


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