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These values are reflected not only in the quality of our products and our Company's reputation but also in our determination to serve the communities in which we do business. Our aim, as LAVORIE, is to develop natural products that will improve the quality of life of our customers.

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It is really difficult to produce a natural product. Natural products mean more effort, greater risk, and less profit. LAVORIE set out acknowledging all these difficulties. This is because we love and care about nature. We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable world and we remind ourselves of this at every opportunity. With this awareness, we do not conduct experiments on animals for our products. We do not use synthetic chemicals and derivatives that harm human health. We refrain to use water-polluting materials in recycling.

It is possible to protect and improve our health with natural products. As we use natural products in our kitchen, we should use natural products for personal care. There is not much difference between taking the chemical orally and mixing it into the blood through the skin pores. LAVORIE soaps are produced from 0 edible oils. Handmade soaps with natural oil have been used as a healing resource for thousands of years.

Although the soap culture seems to decrease for a while, natural soaps have started to rise again with the awareness of the health problems caused by synthetic adulterated cleaners. There is an increasing demand for natural soaps for hair and body cleansing all over the world. Today, handmade natural soaps are preferred for many purposes including but not limited to hair loss, eczema, acne, and oily skin. As the LAVORIE Family, we are proud to address these needs with our 22 different soap types….

"Our three core corporate values: Care, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement."

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