The raw material of LAVORIE SOAP is the small-grained fruit of wild pistachio. At the end of September, following the collection of the pistachios from the vineyards and gardens, the production cycle begins.

Pistachio are picked out, bruises are removed, then washed, and left to dry for 5-10 days. After drying, pistachios are ground in the mill. Then, they are kneaded with medium-temperature water. The kneading process is done carefully and it takes an average of 2 hours. After this, the oils from the pistachios are taken into a separate container and left in a warm environment for one day, and the oil is completely filtered.

Then, the pistachios are cleansed from their shells. Obtained oils are boiled for 12-16 hours, and the saponification reaction is finalized. The obtained soaps are taken from the boilers before they are fully cooled, while they are semi-liquid and hot, and placed in large containers and kept in the open air for 3 days.

Soaps obtained in large molds are cut in specific weights and left to dry for two and a half months. After all these processes, LAVORIE soaps, which are produced entirely from wild pistachio oil, are now ready to meet with their consumers. While relaxing the people with wild pistachio oil and organic vegetable and fruit oil aromas in its texture, LAVORIE soaps also give a pleasant and refreshing scent…

Welcome to the World of LAVORIE

Lavorie Team



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