Goat Milk is among the indispensable ingredients of the cosmetics industry. This is due to its similarity to breast milk's miraculous content.

LAVORIE Goat Milk Soap is 100% handmade and its naturalness is carefully preserved. It is produced with fresh, unadulterated goat milk containing high vitamin A. It carries all the vitamins and minerals of fresh goat milk to your skin.


Goat's milk, which has essences rich enough to meet the vital needs of a baby, has been turned into a miraculous elixir with LAVORIE Goat Milk Soap.

        Goat's Milk Soap, one of the most popular soaps in our series, deeply purifies your skin.

        Provides high-quality care thanks to the intense vitamin A and minerals it contains.

        Removes black spots.

        It is anti-aging.

        Rebrings the skin's lost elasticity and collagen.

        It has a skin rejuvenation feature.

        Provides you natural botox effect when used regularly.

        Helps balance the skin tone.

        Provides brighter-looking skin.

        Lightens the darkening areas such as knees, elbows, and armpits.


        For facial cleansing, lather on your face and rinse with warm water. Wait 30 seconds at the second foaming and rinse with plenty of water.

        Use with natural facial scrub for a more effective result.

        For healthier skin, use this soap instead of shower gel in the bathroom.

        It can be used for sensitive and dry skin.

        It provides relief when frictioning the whole body with intense foam during bathing.

        It is suitable for hair cleaning and care.


        We recommend that you try the goat milk soap on your hair.

        For body peeling in the bathroom, we recommend you to use it with a natural bath scrub.


        Keep in a clean and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

        Keep on a waterproof soap dish after each use.


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